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Identify Mistakes, Fix Errors, and Repair Your Credit

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Mistakes happen, but sometimes, even the smallest ones can greatly impact your credit score and send it spiraling downward. Identify mistakes fast with Commonwealth Credit Solutions.

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Once identified, you need to ensure that any errors are fixed as soon as possible. We can help dispute perceived errors on your credit report quickly. Call Commonwealth Credit Solutions today.

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Making sure that your credit report is completely error-free is important to keeping a high credit score. After a successful dispute, your credit score should increase. Contact Commonwealth Credit solutions to get started.

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How Accurate Is Your Credit Score?

You may have noticed that you have more than one credit score, and they are rarely ever the same — so how accurate can your credit score really be at any given time? While you may notice minor differences across your credit scores, whether it’s your FICO or VantageScore, this is normal. As long as there is not a huge disparity between the numbers, neither one is technically more accurate than the other. However, if you do notice that there is a big difference between your credit scores, it could be a sign that there is fraudulent activity or inaccurate information attached to your credit report.

It is also important to note that your current credit score may differ depending on the source or website that you are gathering it from. Make sure that you are using a reliable and trustworthy source when it comes to performing credit checks — especially if you are checking your credit often, as some credit checks may actually lower your score. There are plenty of great credit monitoring and reporting companies that will allow you to get a fresh credit report daily without it harming your overall score in the process, including Commonwealth Credit Solutions. Get in touch with us for an up-to-date, accurate credit report.

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Errors to Look For

What kind of errors should you look for in your credit report? Start by ensuring that all of your personal information is correct on all of your credit accounts. This is especially important to keep in mind when you move or change your name (get married/divorced, etc.), so make a checklist of all of your accounts, checking off each one as you update it with your new information.

Other errors often include merchant mistakes that were made during purchases. If you notice that the amount you were charged was incorrect, that you returned an item and never received your money back, or another issue, dispute the errors immediately. Work with your credit repair team at Commonwealth Credit Solutions so that you can halt your credit score from dropping and get back on track to raising your credit instead. We’re very experienced when it comes to disputing errors, so you can rely on our team.

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How to Dispute Errors

As soon as you notice there may be an error or mistake attached to your credit report, consider disputing it immediately. The good thing is that there is nothing wrong with attempting to dispute errors and even if your credit report comes back clean, there are no repercussions — there shouldn’t even be a dip in your credit score after an unsuccessful dispute. With this in mind, be sure that you are always monitoring your credit score and credit report, checking for any errors, and disputing when needed.

At Commonwealth Credit Solutions, we offer Error Dispute services to help you resolve any errors or mistakes that you may have on your credit report. Contact us today for pricing and more information!

Rely on Commonwealth Credit Solutions to help identify errors or mistakes on your credit report, dispute and resolve any issues found, and start getting your credit score going back in the positive direction again. Learn more about our other credit repair services aside from disputing errors, including Creditor Handling, Credit Audit and Analysis, Legal Action, and Personalized Strategies. Contact our team today to get started!

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