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Our Passion

“We’re serious about professional service, about putting the power of the law behind consumers, especially those disadvantaged by life circumstances and unfair practices in the financial industry.​​”

Matt Bratcher, CEO

Our Mission

We use the law to remove inaccurate or unverifiable negative information from your credit reports. In addition, when your rights are violated by creditors and credit bureaus, our team of lawyers will fight to not only remove egregious accounts but also seek damages owed to you.

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Meet Our Team

Matt Bratcher

Matt has nearly a decade of post bankruptcy financing and took his passion of helping people from all walks of life to maximize their borrowing potential into founding iLoveMyCreditScore.com (Commonwealth Credit Solutions).

Nate Lechtenberg

Nate heads up our internal legal review team, ensuring our clients' consumer rights are being upheld by the credit bureaus and credit reporting agencies

Jeremy Boggess

Jeremy has several years of subprime finance and credit analysis experience but prides himself most on customer service.

Wayne Burns

VP of Development
Wayne has over 12 years of finance and lending experience, he knows what lenders want to see in order to secure funding.

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